Checking that makes your life easier.

This account offers all the features and technology you'd expect from a larger bank, along with exceptional customer service they can't match.

  • Mobile banking with mobile deposit.
  • 4 free non-Rosedale Federal ATM transactions per month.
  • No monthly minimum balance requirement.

Welcome Rewards:  Earn up to $100 with Everyday Checking*

  • $25 MasterCard® Debit Card Reward*
  • $25 Bill Payment Reward* 
  • $50 Direct Deposit Reward*

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*  Welcome Reward Bonus. You will be paid up to $100.00 when you complete the following requirements. To qualify for any of the Welcome Rewards, you must open an Everyday Checking account and must not have had, or had signing authority on, a Rosedale Federal checking account within the past 90 days. The new Everyday Checking account must remain open and active for 180 days. To qualify for individual Welcome Rewards, within 90 days of opening the account, you must establish an active direct deposit to the account ($50 Direct Deposit Reward), make at least ten (10) purchases with your debit card ($25 MasterCard® Debit Card Reward), or complete at least two (2) bill payment transactions through Rosedale Federal Online Banking ($25 Bill Payment Reward). To obtain individual Welcome Rewards, simply notify Rosedale Federal that you have completed the rewards qualifications by contacting us or returning the Notification form to the Branch location that opened your account within 90 days of account opening. Notification should not be given until the individual reward requirements have been met and are evidenced in your account history. If notification is made prior to rewards requirements posting to your account, Rosedale Federal will not be responsible for ongoing monitoring of account activity for verification purposes. Your account will be credited within 30 days of notification and verification of rewards requirements. Welcome rewards are reportable for tax purposes. A qualifying direct deposit is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income electronically deposited into a Rosedale Federal Everyday Checking Account. The Direct Deposit must be made by an employer or outside agency. Transfers from one account to another or deposits made at a branch or ATM do not qualify as Direct Deposits. Limit one Welcome Reward, per category, per new customer or account. If multiple accounts are opened with the same signers, only one account/customer will be eligible for the reward(s). For this offer, signing authority will be defined by the customer name(s) and social security number(s) registered on the account. In the event that we determine, at our sole discretion, that your account does not meet the eligibility criteria, we will not be obligated to credit your account with the reward(s). Offer may be extended, modified, or discontinued at any time without notice, but in no event, extend beyond six (6) months from the last published advertisement as determined by Rosedale Federal.