Rosedale Federal Pandemic Response Plan

Rosedale Federal continues to review and update its Pandemic Response Plan with new information. This plan ensures that we are staying in front of this situation so that we can continue to provide our customers and employees easy and reliable banking services.

When contacting  our Call Center, for the shortest wait time, the best time to call is after 2 p.m. and the best day to call is Thursday

As a result of the upcoming stimulus check deposits, some customers are experiencing issues with signing in/out of our mobile app and Online Banking.  If you are unable to get into online or mobile banking, please refresh your browser /app and try again. 

To check on the status of your stimulus check, please visit the IRS website.  Thank you for your patience

Rosedale Federal Branch Updates:

Message Update: Saturday, June 12th:  We  will not longer require fully vaccinated customers or team members to wear face coverings.  Face coverings are still required for customers and team members who are not fully vaccinated.

Branch Information

Remote self-service options:

At this time, we encourage you to use our free remote self-service options that include:

  • Online/Mobile Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Mobile Deposit
  • 24-hour ATMs at all locations
  • Call center: 410.668.4400

If you have not enrolled in online banking, consider taking a few minutes to do so by clicking  here.

Call Center Updates:

During these COVID-19 pandemic times, our Call Center is experiencing unusually high call volume. For your convenience, here are some other ways you can reach us during this period of increased Call Center volume: 

 We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Staying Financially Well During Uncertain Times 

During these challenging times, it is natural to have questions about your finances.  We’re here to help.  Our Financial Education Center can provide you information you may need right now to tackle important financial decisions. Click here to go to our Financial Education Center and select the Playlist for “Staying Financially Well During Uncertain Times,” as well as any other helpful playlists.


Debit Card:

 To help our customers during this challenging time, we have increased our ATM Withdrawal limit to $800.  As a friendly reminder, when withdrawing money or making a DEBIT Card transaction, please remember these security tips to protect your DEBIT Card:

  •  Whenever inserting your debit or credit card into a machine, it’s a good idea to look for signs of tampering. You can take a moment to look at the card reader to see if an overlay or skimmer has been snapped on top.
  • We recommend choosing ‘Credit’ when using your card when making purchases. By choosing ‘Credit’, you keep your PIN secured, and are also protected by Mastercard’s 'Zero Liability Policy.’

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Mortgage Assistance Program:
Financial situations during this COVID-19 pandemic can change quickly. Rosedale Federal is here to assist you.
Please call Mortgage Servicing 410.668.4400 ext. 102 or email directly to discuss mortgage assistance options to help you during these uncertain times.