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Officers & Directors


Charles P. Scheeler Chair of the Board
Maria Miller Vice Chair of the Board
Kevin M. Benson President & CEO
Linda A. Muffoletto Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer & Secretary
J. Edward Grant Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer
Stacey K. Rineer Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Michael Tomaszewski Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer
Matthew D. Barrett Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer
Alison Fair Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Officer
Nancy C. Alperstein Senior Vice President/Director of Marketing
Ellen C. Meyer Senior Vice President/Director of Human Resources
Janet J. Shock Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer
Robert Kaestner Senior Vice President/Director of Residential Lending
Matthew Mullen Senior Vice President/Commercial Lending Manager
Robin E. Stevens Vice President/Retail Operations Manager
Diane M. Rey Vice President/Residential Loan Manager
Steve Lavin Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer
Daniel J. Gallagher, Jr. Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer
Denni H. Crouse Vice President/Senior Operations Officer
Angela G. Thomas Vice President/Branch Administration Manager
Kathleen M. Hill Vice President
Tony Moss Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer
Susan S. Dembeck Assistant Vice President
Chrystal Rubino Assistant Vice President
Deborah M. Cunningham Assistant Vice President
Maria G. Roth Assistant Vice President
Andrea Niedzwicki Assistant Vice President
Cherie Colgan Assistant Vice President/Business Banking Officer
Joan Ray Assistant Vice President
Amy Patterson Assistant Vice President 
Tiana Beaudouin Assistant Vice President
Brandi Chapman Assistant Vice President
Marie Heise Assistant Vice President
Kathryn Lichtenberg Assistant Vice President
Elizabeth Sevison Assistant Vice President
Ryan Casey Allen Assistant Vice President
Virginia Coppersmith Assistant Vice President
Steven Sutton Assistant Vice President
Kim Waldt Assistant Vice President
Julio Hernandez, Jr. Officer
Tina Gale Officer
Marley Lilley Officer
Julie Reynolds Officer
Debra Robson Officer
Katrina Berg Officer
Adam McDonald Officer
Ellen Roberts Officer
Colby Schepers Officer


Kevin M. Benson President & CEO
Raymond Daue Senior Vice President, Willis Towers Watson
Barry P. Gossett Past Chairman/CEO, Action Mobile Industries
Richard S. Mattison Retired Federal Bank Regulator
Maria E. Miller Vice President, Brightview Senior Living
Stephanie L. Reel
Retired Chief Information Officer, Johns Hopkins University and
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Charles P. Scheeler Retired Senior Counsel, DLA Piper US LLP
Alan Schroeder Former Chief Legal Officer of Prime Retail, Inc. and  Educate, Inc.
Thomas S. Wintz, Sr.  Past President & CEO, Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association


Royston, Mueller, Mclean & Reid