Group of children lying in a circle on grass in the summer

Our Community

It would be hard to find a place more neighborly in the greater Baltimore area.

Throughout the year, you can find events, programs, and generous people making good things happen in our communities. Rosedale Federal is proud to get involved through four distinct initiatives: charitable giving, employees pitching in, financial literacy, and community development.

Charitable giving

Interacting with our communities helps us learn what’s important and shows us where we can help. Rosedale Federal has a charitable giving program that addresses health and human services — family and children’s services — arts and education — and community development.

Employees pitch-in

So many stories! Our employees volunteer their own time to lead and participate in community events throughout the year. Time after time, we hear how rewarding it can be to run a 5K fundraiser — help clear park trails — volunteer at a shelter — and otherwise give back to the community.

Financial literacy

Understanding how money works is a life skill everyone should have.  The link below to the Rosedale Federal Financial Education Center will allow individuals of any life stage to create their own personalized learning program (e.g. money management, paying for college, home ownership, and retirement planning). 

Click here to learn more about our financial education center.

Community development

Everyone needs a place to call home. We’re proud that Rosedale Federal can help. Through our Community Development partnerships, we have been part of making affordable home ownership a reality that changes lives — empowers families —and strengthens communities.