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Personal Switch Kit

5 Easy Steps:  Switching to Your New Rosedale Federal Personal Checking Account
We know that you are busy, and your time is valuable.

Follow these easy steps to complete your transfer to Rosedale Federal.

Remember, a Rosedale Federal Relationship Banker is available to help if you have questions!

Step 1:  Begin Using Your New Rosedale Federal Personal Checking Account
 Now that you've opened your new account, it's time to get started on the basics!

Digital banking access is a great place to begin, and new customers can enroll themselves in digital banking or have branch staff assist in the setup process.

To get started in Digital Banking:  Visit and click on "Enroll" within the Online Banking section on the left side of the screen.

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Tip:  You will need to enter your Social Security Number, your new Rosedale Federal Account Number, and email address to complete the enrollment process.

Step 2:  Discontinue use of your old personal account
Keep your old account open and appropriately funded until all outstanding checks have cleared and all of your automatic payments and transactions have switched over to your new Rosedale Federal Bank account.

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Tip:  Remember to shred your remaining inventory of unused checks and deposit slips and destroy your ATM and debit card.  This will help reduce the risk of accidental use of your old account.  You may bring your unused checks, deposit slips, and ATM cards to your closest branch so we can shred them for you!

Step 3:  Switch your recurring payment activity
Automatic payments (typically ACH transactions) are a convenient way to receive and send funds, and you'll need to redirect them to/from your new Rosedale Federal personal account.

Incoming deposits (credits) - Compile a list of the vendors and merchants who send you automatic payments, and notify them of your new Rosedale Federal bank account information.

Outgoing payments (debits) - Payments such as utility bills, vendor payments or subscription services that are automatically debited from your account will need to be updated to reflect your new account information.

icon of a lightbulbComplete this step within 30 days to help minimize interruptions.

Tip:  Be sure to have the following information on hand when adding payees within Online Banking as these following fields are typically required:  biller name, billing address, phone number, and your account number as it appears on your bill.

Step 4:  Notify your key professional service providers
Inform your key consultants - accountant, bookkeeper, attorney, insurance agent, etc. - of your switch to Rosedale Federal, providing information about the account as appropriate for their needs.

icon of a lightbulbComplete this step within 30 days to help minimize interruptions.

Step 5:  Close your old personal account.
Once all of your checks have cleared, and all automatic payments and direct deposits are successfully being deducted or credited from/to your new Rosedale Federal bank account, it's now time to close your old account.