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Digital Banking How-To

Choose from the options below to learn how to use common features and customize settings in Digital Banking.

Step by step guide to logging in for the first time.

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Digital Banking.

Learn how to enroll in two factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security.

Payments make it easy for you to pay bills or individuals in Digital Banking.

Learn the different ways you can pay a person.

Learn how to deposit a check via our digital app.

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Mobile Deposit.

Learn how to customize the dashboard in our Digital Banking app.

Learn how to set up and receive alerts for your accounts.

Learn how to send and receive secure messages in Digital Banking.

Learn how to make transfers between your own accounts, or to another account holder in Digital Banking.

Use the external transfers feature to move money between your Rosedale Federal Accounts and personal accounts at other financial institutions.

View balances and transactions from many other financial institutions.

Update your contact information, or change your user ID, passwords, and two-factor authentication.

Learn how to make principal only loan payments.

Learn how to enroll for eStatements & eNotices.

Cancel a check you've written before it is processed.

See which special characters can be used in Digital Banking User IDs and Passwords.
Instructions to connect Quicken to our Digital Banking system.