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Financial Statement

As of 12.31.21
Loans Receivable (net of Allowance for Loan Losses ) $657,725,000
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock 511,000
Investments and Securities 224,403,000
Cash on Hand and in Banks 132,215,000
Office Buildings and Equipment (Less Depreciation)  24,013,000
Other Assets 19,411,000
Total Assets $1,058,278,000
Deposit Accounts $800,007,000
Mortgage Escrow Accounts 665,000
Borrowed Funds 0
Deferred Income and Other Liabilities 2,741,000
Total $803,413,000
Net Worth 
Retained Earnings $254,865,000
Total Net Worth 254,865,000
Total Liabilities and Net Worth $1,058,278,000