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Rosedale Federal Debit Card

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About Rosedale Federal Debit Cards

Need a card that allows you to easily access and keep track of your money?  You'll get that and more with your Rosedale Federal MasterCard® Debit Card.

Rosedale Federal Debit Card Features

A Rosedale Federal Debit Card comes with any Rosedale Federal checking account and, because of chip and contactless technology, it's a faster and more secure way to pay.  You can count on the following features:

  • Convenience - MasterCard debit cards are accepted worldwide
  • Online shopping
  • No transaction charge
  • No transaction fee at our ATMs (and other Rosedale Federal branded ATMs)
  • Four ATM fee surcharge rebates per calendar month for non-Rosedale Federal ATM's*
  • International Usage
  • Instantly controlled using online banking
  • Purchases at stadiums and places that don't accept cash
  • Simplified budgeting
*  When you use an ATM not owned by Rosedale Federal, you may be charged a fee by the ATM Operator or any network used (including balance inquiries even if you do not complete a funds transfer).  Rosedale Federal will reimburse such fees for the first four (4) transactions per calendar month.