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Make Online Loan Payments

Loan Payments:

1. Go to www.rosedalefederal.com
2. Hover over "Lending" in the menu bar.
3. Select "Online Loan Payment"
4. Select ‘Proceed’ when the following disclosure pops up:

screenshot 1

5. The following will appear:

screenshot 2
6. Select “One-Time Payment”
screenshot 3
7. Enter your First Name and the Last 4 of your SSN
8. Select "Continue"
9. Click "Pay" in the action column to make a payment.

screenshot 4

10. Select the appropriate option for your payment:

Online loan payment screenshot for step 10
11. Select "Continue"
12. Complete the "One-Time Payment" option fields.

⦁ Select "Debit Card"
screenshot 6

⦁ or "Bank Account"
loan payment screenshot 7
screenshot for online loan payment
screen shot of register and save payment information
⦁ Select "Continue"

13. Verify information
14. Agree and Submit payment

⦁ A reference number will be provided for your records.