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Financial Management Tool

MyCashFlow is online financial software for individuals and small businesses.

The user-friendly interface, charts, and graphs make this program easy to use. Plus, this tool is integrated into your Rosedale Federal online banking so you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. With MyCashFlow, you can:

  • View accounts at Rosedale Federal and other banks, credit card companies, and investment firms, all with just one login
  • Establish goals so you can budget your money wisely
  • Set up a budget so you can stay on track in your purchasing and saving activities
  • Filter tax-deductible transactions to get organized for year-end (always be sure to talk with your accountant or tax advisor when it comes to tax-deductibility)
  • Categorize transactions and view spending patterns
  • Take advantage of financial tools, including over-spending alerts
Enroll in MyCashFlow using your Rosedale Federal online banking login.

Step 1:  Log into online banking

Step 2:  Select "Cash"

Screenshot of mycashflow step 2

Step 3:  Select an account

Screenshot of step 3 to sign up for mycashflow

Step 4:  The following will appear:

Screenshot of mycashflow step 4

Step 5:  Select "Spending  habits"

Screenshot of step 5 for mycashflow

You can use the analyzer, budgets, cashflow, goals and net worth.

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