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Routing Number Retirement

NOTICE: Former Chesapeake Bank of Maryland Bank Routing Transit Number (RTN) will be retiring

Over the past several months, you have received notifications that Chesapeake Bank of Maryland’s Routing Transit Number (RTN), 252070545 will retire on August 31, 2023. To avoid any potential payroll and payment disruptions that you might experience, we are granting a grace period to enable you to make the necessary changes. We understand how this critical change may impact your finances.

To ensure that your payroll, recurring payments, and checks are not rejected by the Federal Reserve Bank, please take the following steps TODAY:

  1. Provide the Rosedale Federal's RTN, 252071557, to any merchants, companies, or financial institutions that you have previously authorized to withdraw funds from or deposit funds to your account-- including loan payments and tax refunds. Don’t forget to tell your tax accountant to update your routing number.
  2. For any new automated payments, online payments, or direct deposits, be sure to use the Rosedale Federal's RTN, 252071557. Otherwise, the transactions will be rejected by the Federal Reserve Bank.
  3. Please stop using your Chesapeake Bank of Maryland checks, effective immediately. Contact your local branch or send us a message inside of Digital Banking to order checks with Rosedale Federal’s RTN, 252071557.

Note: Recurring debit card transactions will not be impacted.

If you have questions regarding your RTN transition, please reach out to your nearest branch.